Asus Laptop Prices in Nigeria

Asus Laptop Prices in Nigeria: Affordable Options

Purchasing a reliable PC is vital for both students and professional workers. In this digital age, Owning a laptop that caters to various needs is better.

Another good brand that has ruled the Nigerian market aside from HP and Dell is the Asus Brand. Laptops created by this company are efficient and affordable.

When we say affordable, you know that depends on the laptop’s specs. Asus is a famous brand in the Nigerian market and has gained a good reputation and excellent reviews from customers across the globe.

In today’s article, we will highlight three of the cheapest alternatives available alongside their specs. We will also check out some important factors to remember while purchasing an Asus laptop to ensure a well-informed buying decision.

Most Affordable Asus Laptop Prices and Specifications


  1. Asus VivoBook 15 X512DA:

Price: ₦135,000

Display: 15.6-inch Full HD

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5-3500U


Storage: 512GB SSD

Graphics: AMD Radeon Vega 8

Operating System: Windows 10

Weight: 1.75 kg

The Asus VivoBook 15 X512DA gives a first-rate balance between overall performance and affordability.

It functions with an effective AMD Ryzen 5 processor, enough RAM, and a spacious SSD for an immediate garage.

The 15.6-inch Full HD display provides vibrant visuals, while the lightweight design ensures portability.

  1. Asus X509MA

Price: ₦145,000

Display: 15.6-inch HD

Processor: Intel Pentium Silver N5030


Storage: 1TB HDD

Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 605

Operating System: Windows 10

Weight: 1.9 kg

The Asus X509MA is a low-priced PC appropriate for work and everyday use.

Its Intel Pentium Silver processor guarantees easy overall performance, even though the 1TB HDD provides ample storage space.

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The 15.6-inch HD display gives you decent visuals, making it suitable for multimedia intake.

  1. Asus X543MA

Price: ₦125,000

Display: 15.6-inch HD

Processor: Intel Celeron N4020


Storage: 1TB HDD

Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 600

Operating System: Windows 10

Weight: 1.9 kg

The Asus X543MA is an access-stage PC that offers affordability without compromising essential features.

Powered via an Intel Celeron processor, it can cope with simple computing duties.

The 1TB HDD affords an adequate garage for documents, and the 15.6-inch HD show offers an excellent viewing experience.


Now that we have listed some affordable HDD laptops for you. Let’s help you with a price list for SSD Asus laptops.

  • Asus Notebook MINI – Intel Celeron == N144, 900 – N180, 000
  • Asus VivoBook 15.6== N240, 000 – N300, 000
  • Asus Notebook Intel Core I3 == N255, 000 – N300, 000
  • Asus Notebook Intel Core I7 == N420, 000 – N500, 000
  • Asus Notebook Intel Celeron == N158,500 – N200,000
  • Asus Notebook Intel Core I3-10110U == N255, 000 – N300, 000
  • Asus Notebook Intel Celeron == N145, 700 – N160, 000
  • Asus Mini Notebook Intel Celeron== N139, 500 – N150, 000
  • Asus Zenbook 14 11th Gen == N579, 950 – N610, 000
  • Asus Notebook Intel Core I3-10110U == N255, 000 – N280, 000

NOTE: The prices of these laptops will be updated regularly if there is a price change.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Asus Laptop

When buying a laptop, you need to consider the factors listed in our article.

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Performance: Assess your computing desires and pick a laptop with a processor, RAM, and storage capacity which could handle your responsibilities efficaciously. Higher-end models commonly offer better overall performance; however, they come at a better charge.

Display: Consider the dimensions and resolution of the PC screen, as it appreciably influences your visual experience. Higher resolutions and more prominent display sizes suit the multimedia intake.

Portability: Remember the weight and dimensions if you propose to carry your laptop regularly. Lighter laptops with compact designs are extra transportable and convenient for travel or commuting.

Battery Life: Look for laptops with long-lasting batteries, especially if you spend more time working on your PC. A computer with an extended battery life guarantees that you won’t be continuously looking for alternative power outlets.

Connectivity and Ports: Check the available ports and connectivity alternatives to ensure compatibility with your gadgets and peripherals. USB, HDMI, and audio ports are commonplace requirements for most customers.

Budget: Set finances that align with your necessities and prioritize your most crucial capabilities. Asus gives laptops at an affordable price range, allowing you to find an appropriate choice inside your finances.


Invest accurately in a computer that aligns with your needs, and enjoy the extra features of Asus laptops. Following some of the things listed in our article, you can discover an Asus PC that meets your specific necessities and gives value for cash.


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