Best Paying Jobs In Diversified Commercial Service

Best Paying Jobs In Diversified Commercial Service

The broad category of commercial services encompasses several specialties like consulting, outsourcing, and facilities management. Working in this industry that is continuously changing can be rewarding and challenging. 

This industry might offer you the opportunity you need to develop a career with room for professional advancement.

In this article, we explore the number of opportunities in varied commercial services that are available and provide a list of positions to take into consideration.

What are diversified commercial services?

Diverse commercial services are used by businesses across various industry sectors. These services address a range of business operations topics, including marketing, human resources, technology, and finance. 

Businesses that offer a variety of commercial services use experts in several fields to provide clients with specific solutions that can help them run their businesses more effectively. 

Accountants, analysts, counselors, consultants, and project managers are just a few of the experts who may assist companies in increasing productivity and profitability.

How many jobs are there in the diverse commercial services industry?

There are millions of people employed in various commercial services. The number of jobs in this industry, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), is as follows:

  • 1,449,800 positions for accountants and auditors
  • Jobs for financial analysts: 373,800
  • Managers in marketing, advertising, and promotions: 347,000 jobs
  • 347,000 jobs for sales managers
  • Analysts of market research: 792,500 jobs
  • Jobs for computer programmers: 174,400
  • Jobs for web developers: 197,100
  • 509,100 positions for managers of computers and IT
  • 163,000 jobs for information security analysts
  • Jobs for project managers: 781 400
  • Jobs for civil engineers: 318,300
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The BLS predicts that between 2021 and 2031, these positions will add the following new openings each year:

  • Auditor and accountant jobs: 136,400 vacancies
  • 32,000 positions for financial analysts
  • 35,300 positions for managers of advertising, promotions, and marketing
  • 41,900 positions for sales managers
  • Analysts for market research: 99,800 openings
  • 9,600 opportunities for computer programmers
  • 21,800 opportunities for web developers
  • IT administrators needed: 48,500 positions
  • 19,500 opportunities for information security analysts.
  • Jobs for project managers: 70,400
  • 24,200 opportunities for civil engineers

Positions in finance and accounting

Businesses can take advantage of a range of services from accounting and finance firms, including bookkeeping, tax preparation, financial planning, and auditing. 

These services are essential for organizations of all sizes because they enable them to manage their finances, adhere to tax regulations, and make wise investment and spending decisions. Here are a few positions in finance and accounting.

Jobs in marketing and sales

Businesses can promote their goods and services to their target market with the aid of sales and marketing services. Market analysis, advertising, branding, public relations, and social media management are some of these services. 

Specialists in marketing and advertising assist companies in growing their consumer base, boosting sales, and raising brand awareness. Here are a few sales and marketing positions.

Information technology (IT) jobs include cybersecurity, network management, software development, and data analytics. These services assist businesses in managing their data, upholding network and data security, and creating new software and operational efficiencies.

Best paying jobs diversified commercial service

A career in a variety of business services is undoubtedly a wise choice. Businesses that give consumers a certain kind of for-profit commodity or service are known as commercial service providers. 

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On occasion, commercial service providers will focus on a specific good, service, or industry.

It’s more crucial than ever in today’s economy to select a vocation that will provide you with security and respectable pay. You’ll be happy to know that there are lots of excellent possibilities available if you’re interested in the commercial services sector. 

15 of the highest paying positions in the range of commercial services are listed below:

(Per year)

  • Director of Operations: $183,270
  • $176,840 Chief Financial Officer
  • Attorney General: $174,500
  • Manager of Marketing: $170,900
  • Manager of Human Resources: $168,800
  • Manager of Sales: $161,980
  • Manager of Information Technology: $154,776
  • Manager of the Supply Chain: 160,920
  • Manager of Operations: $149,310
  • Manager of a Project: $145,220
  • $143,500 Business Analyst
  • Manager of Products: $142,830
  • $141,450 for an accountant
  • $140,660 for the controller
  • Manager of Finance – 139,870


Keeping up with the most recent trends might be challenging because the employment market is constantly evolving. You might wish to think about a position in the diverse commercial services business if you’re seeking a long-lasting career with decent compensation.

There are many different companies in this sector, from cleaning services and security to trash management and event planning. And recent data indicate that it’s one of the best-paying sectors in the nation.


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