Butterfly Sewing Machine

Butterfly Sewing Machine: Review, Prices, Reliability, and Features

If you are a tailor or fashion designer currently in the market for a new sewing machine, you might have come across this popular brand, Butterfly.

This brand is one of the popular sewing machine manufacturers in Nigeria because they offer a wide range of sewing machine designs, from the basic model to the advanced models with some impeccable features.

The butterfly sewing machine is a product of Shang Gong Group, a China based company which are mainly engaged in the production and sales of industrial sewing equipment and household sewing machines. They are also the producer of world famous brands like Dürkopp Adler, PFAFF, and KSL as well as our domestic Shanggong.

In this article, we will answer one of the most-asked questions “How much is a Butterfly sewing machine?” and provide some reasons why we think you should purchase one for your business.

How Much Is a Butterfly Sewing Machine?

The price of a butterfly sewing machine is not fixed and it depends on the model you choose.

If you are planning to get a Butterfly sewing machine, you need to budget at least ₦70,000+. This price range is affordable for serious buyers and the machine offers good value for its price.

5 Butterfly Sewing Machines To Buy in 2023

The Butterfly tailoring machines still remain one of the best sewing machines not only in Nigeria but across Africa and this is because they make very neat stitches. The engines are well designed and the needles perform their jobs accurately.

If you search the internet, you will see a lot of popular fashion brands giving reviews about the Butterfly brand. Let’s go straight to the 5 butterfly sewing machines to buy in 2023;

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Butterfly Folding Sewing Machine Manual Ja2-1

This is one of the cheapest models designed by Shang Gong Group. The sewing machine is a classic and it has both straight stitch and zigzag stitch, which makes it very versatile for most fashion projects.

The JA2-1 is not too heavy and it’s easy to use, Most beginners are advised to buy this when learning fashion trade because of its affordable price.

Price: ₦98,000

Butterfly Brand Jh8190s Household Sewing Machine

The JH8190s brand is also a great tool for sewing but it is a computerized machine that normally comes with 100 built-in needle threaders and some decorative stitches.

It is easier to use and has a drop-in bobbin system.


  • Mechanical Configuration: Flat-Bed
  • Feed Mechanism: Walking Foot
  • Stitch Formation: Lock Stitch
  • Sewing Speed: 750rpm
  • Condition: New
  • Overall Dimensions: 355*160*265mm
  • Weight: 5550g
  • Type: Household Sewing Machine
  • Model Number: JH8190S
  • Power: 70W
  • Sewing Thickness: 7.0mm
  • Stitch Length: 0-4.0mm adjustable
  • Store No.: BTSM 1703092639

Price: ₦89,000

Butterfly Classic Portable Electric JH8130A Sewing Machine

Who wouldn’t like the features that comes with this sewing machine? This electric model has been designed for some heavy-tasking jobs and many fashion designers feel their tools setup is not complete without this model.

  • Product Line: Ducchisignature
  • Production Country: China
  • Weight (kg): 3
  • Color: White

Price: ₦95,000

Butterfly Zig Zag Sewing Machine

There are lots of sewing machines with different functions, This is a top-table machine used in the making of buttonholes and fabrics.


  • Size 0f 430×227×356mm
  • Weight of 7.1kg
  • Main Material: Metal
  • Area of Use: Home or office
  • Built-in LED Pilot Lamp
  • Free Arm
  • Variable Needle Positions for precise topstitching
  • Four-step buttonhole
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Price: ₦36,000+

Butterfly Industrial Weaving Sewing Machine

You can also buy the Butterfly Industrial weaving sewing machine for industrial use and the production of sewing materials in a large scale. It has been designed specially for industrial use to increase productivity.


  • Weight of 15kg
  • Metal as the Main Material
  • Durable and of high quality.
  • Certification: ASTM Certified

Price: ₦70,000+

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Reasons to Buy a Butterfly Sewing Machine in Nigeria

There are lots of reasons why we think you should buy the Butterfly sewing machine. Aside from being the most used brands amongst fashion designers and tailors, their engines are well designed and the stitches are cool.

  1. Affordable: Most Nigerians prefer to buy cheap things that have high quality. The Butterfly sewing machine is a very good option for you because it has high quality and it is also affordable.
  2. Features: These sewing machines are known for their impeccable features that makes work easier and efficient. These include automatic threading and LCD screen that shows stitch information.
  3. Quality: Fashion brands keeps giving good reviews about the quality of the Butterfly sewing machine. They’re built to last and many still keep using their machines for years without issues.


If you are a beginner or professional tailor looking for a new sewing machine, then we’d advise you to purchase the Butterfly sewing machine.

Butterfly sewing machine offers good value for it’s price with range of models to choose from.

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