Electric Motors Recycling Companies

Electric Motors Recycling Companies: Best Recycling Companies

You are currently reading this post because you are looking for a proper way to dispose of your old electric motors. Yes, there are a lot of companies that allow customers to recycle their electric motors.

Recycling your electric motor is very important as it helps reduce the amount of waste and conserve natural resources by extracting new resources from the old recycled parts.

This practice is very common in the United States, so if you are here reading this article we can guess that you own an electric motor that you would love to recycle it. There are lots of companies that specialize in the recycling of electric motors.

In today’s article, we will look at some of the popular electric motor recycling companies in the USA, why we think you should recycle your motor, and things to consider when recycling electric motors.

15 Popular Recycling Companies in the United States

Before diving deep, let us look at some of the popular electric motor recycling in the United States.

As we said earlier, this practice is common in the States because over 35% of people use electric motors. So there are lots of recycling companies you can patronize.

We further our research by looking at recycling companies on Google’s trusted list. Most of these companies specialize in recycling a range of electronic waste, including electric motors.

Let’s not waste time, Here is a list of popular recycling companies in the States based on our research:

  • The M.e.t Recycling Center
  • EH Metal Recycling
  • GLE Scrap Metal Ltd – Orlando
  • TT & E Iron & Metal Inc
  • ERI – Electronic Recyclers
  • AIT Electronics Recycling
  • C & D Scrap Metal Recyclers
  • Get Green Recycling
  • Eco-Cycle CHaRM: Center
  • Rockaway Recycling
  • Responsible Recycling Ltd
  • RARP Engineering & Recycling Agency
  • Milldam Recycling Company
  • Jansen Recycling Groups
  • Craddock Metal Recycling Ltd
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The list above contains 15 working recycling companies for electric motors in the United States. But let’s take a look at two popular companies with great reviews.

Number one on our list is the GLE Scrap Metal company, after doing some background check on their website we found out that their website was launched 14 years ago according to Cutestat.

Not a lot of things about them so far, but there are some nice reviews on Facebook and Twitter. Since their service is popular among electric motor owners, the reviews are catchy and would want to make you try them out.

Let us move straight to number two on our list, Sims Metal Management. The website claims that they offer a circular service that operates in line with the waste hierarchy by using materials left over from the metal recycling process to create new products.

Their key specialty is to create a world without electronic waste to preserve the planet. Sim Metal Management’s official website has been around for over fifteen years and a lot of good reviews online from customers.

Why Should You Recycle Your Electric Motor?

There are several reasons why you should recycle your electric motor. To reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, it is advisable to recycle.

Based on research, recycling your electric motor is a good idea as it helps conserve natural resources so that most of these materials can be used again.

Now that you know why you should recycle your electric motor, let’s talk about some other things to consider when recycling your motor.

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Things to Consider When Recycling Your Electric Motor

We do not need to talk much about this because when trying to recycle your electric motor, you need to make sure you are patronizing a recycling company with a high reputation.

After reading some customer reviews online, we found out that most customers complained about recycling companies lacking experience. A man even talked about how a recycling company beside his apartment keeps ignoring the government’s environmental guidelines during their operation. Experience matters a lot in the technology world. You want to make sure your electric motor is not recycled the wrong way.

When planning to recycle your electric motor, it is also good to consider the cost of recycling. Try engaging customer care, that way you get to know what service they render. Although after a deep research on Youtube, we found out that most of these recycling companies ask for additional fees based on your request.

Also, try comparing prices from popular brands, this would help you make a good decision.


Most of these recycling companies collect, break down and process your electric motors to recover certain valuable materials such as steel, metal, aluminum, and other metals.

You can now sell the recycled materials to your motor manufacturers to produce new products, reducing the need for complete raw materials.

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