Emel Industrial Sewing Machines

Explore Emel Industrial Sewing Machines: Models and Prices

Do you know that Industrial sewing machines are very efficient and powerful machines? Emel Group is doing great in manufacturing a wide range of strong and durable sewing machines.

The Emel Industrial sewing machine is a trusted brand in the industry for both beginners and professionals. Its unique design has helped it stand out among other models.

Emel Group designed the machine with high efficiency and a large operation space that can sew both thick and thin materials neatly. The machine is a preferred choice when creating new fashion projects.

This brand is one of the oldest sewing machine brands and it has been in the market for over 40 years.

Just like Butterfly and other brands, Emel Group produced some of the popular models like straight stitch machines, zig-zag machines, overlock machines, and a lot more.

In todays article, we will check out some of their top-selling sewing machine models and how much they cost in Nigeria’s general market.

Emel sewing machine price list

Just like every other successful brand, Emel Group has different sewing machine models that are popular in the fashion industry in Nigeria. Most of their sewing machines come with a comfortable table.

These machines’ prices may increase if there is a change in the dollar to naira rate or scarcity of raw materials. So the prices in this article will be updated as soon as we notice a change in market price.

  • Emel Industrial Straight Sewing Machine – EM 8500 – N210,000
  • Emel Industrial Zig Zag And Embroidery Sewing Machine-20U – N288,000
  • Emel Industrial Single Needle Straight Sewing Model – N190,000
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You can always get Emel sewing machines from local distributors and online stores.

We spent time online looking for the manufacturer’s website and we couldn’t find any official website. But it is advisable to get it from popular online websites like Jumia or any other popular e-commerce website.

Emel Brand is vintage and has dominated the industry alongside Butterfly brand and other top-selling sewing machine brands.

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Why Emel Industrial Sewing Machines Are Special In Fashion Industry?

These are factors that have made them a popular choice for beginners and professionals in the fashion industry. So if you are in search of a reliable and efficient sewing machine? Emel sewing machines are the better choice.

Speed and Efficiency:
Most Emel sewing machines are built with impeccable advanced features that improve production and efficiency rates. For example; Needle positioning can reduce the sewing time allowing the fashion designer to produce more garments in lesser time.

Reliable and Durable:
The Emel sewing machines were designed to last for a very long period, making them one of the preferred choices for fashion industry businesses. These machines are ready to handle heavy usage, ensuring that they are always ready for use when needed.

You can purchase an Emel Industrial sewing machine without breaking the bank. It has high quality yet they are very affordable and accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Emel sewing machines are versatile, which means they can handle different types of sewing applications, including dressmaking, tailoring and upholstery. This makes the brand suitable for use in various fashion industry settings.

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High-Quality Stitching:
Emel sewing machines are known globally for producing high-quality stitching that meets up with customers’ demands. These machines are designed to handle a wide range of fabrics.

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Common Problems that Can Occur with Emel Industrial Sewing Machines

Although there are so many great features that come with the Emel Industrial sewing machine, there are also several common problems customers currently complain about online.

The motor of the machine can malfunction or just stop working after years of usage which can be caused by a damaged or worn-out motor or electrical wiring issues.

Some skipping stitches can occur when the needles fail to penetrate the fabric or when the thread tension is not adjusted correctly and whenever there is a worn-out or loose belt problem, the machine will make a lot of noise while in operation. This is not really a big issue because it can be fixed by engineers.


You need to remember that the Emel brand is over 40 years old in the sewing machine industry, but it is really good to do some deep research if you’d like to make a purchase.

Their sewing machines are vintage and unique, you can easily get them from any online store or local resellers.




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