How to backup contacts on Gmail

How to backup contacts on Gmail

Google Contacts Backup is one of the finest Android contacts backup options. Because switching phones is unavoidable, backing up contacts is a useful function to prevent seeking them every time you switch phones.

Every Android phone comes with a backup option that syncs all stored contacts to your Google Account. These contacts can subsequently be recovered or accessed from any Android phone or computer.

How to Enable Google Contacts Backup on Android

• Take out your phone. Accounts and backup

• Scroll down and touch on Settings.

• Click on Accounts

• Find your Gmail account in the list of accounts and click on it, then click on Sync account.

• Turn on the Contacts toggle button. If you operate more than one Gmail account and want to save different contacts in each, repeat the instructions for the additional accounts.

At times, you may have contacts backup enabled, but certain contacts will not be backed up. When you create a new contact, you may change the destination storage to either a SIM or a phone. Contacts previously stored on SIM memory cannot be backed up to Google until new ones are created and saved in the Google Account.

On the other hand, contacts stored in the phone’s memory may be backed up. To enable backup and synchronization for device contacts, follow these steps:

• Pull out your phone. -Scroll down and touch on Google -Click on Account services

• launch Google Contacts sync

• Tap the Also sync device contacts area, and then pick the account you want to use for device contacts.

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Backup Contacts to Multiple Google Accounts

If you operate more than one Google account on your phone, say a personal and a professional account, you may want to have specific contacts backed up to specific accounts. This is only possible when creating the contact. –

• Open the dial pad and input the phone number you want to store.

• Tap Add to Contacts (this may vary depending on the phone you’re using).

• Tap on Create new contact -A drop-down menu with multiple storage options at the top of the contact details, with the primary Google account selected by default.

• Click on it, specify the account to which this particular contact should be stored, and then save.



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