How To Bypass Google Verification On Coolpad

Bypassing google verification on your coolpad after resetting can be tricky. The protection is meant to avoid crimes. But, some users forgot their password or other details. If you are reading this article it means you need to access your device without verification.

It cannot be over-emphasized that retrieving your account is the best. Google has made the process of recovery easy. The ideal practice is to retrieve your account and verify it. 

Most methods to bypass google verification are illegal. This article will show you a legal way to bypass google verification. 

Note that it is important that you follow the instructions with care. A single mistake can cost you the success of the process. 

However, proper actions would have no problem. I would share how to bypass google verification and why you should bypass google verification on a cool pad.

Reasons to bypass google verification

There are some reasons why bypassing is necessary on a coolpad.

Unwanted updates:

If your coolpad is not recent, you might start receiving unwanted updates. Google gets access to your device through your google account. 

The updates become disturbing as they might be too heavy for the phone. The only option left to enjoy your coolpad is not signing in. this is only possible by bypassing google verification

Forgot google password:

You can forget your google password. In such case, you might not be interested in opening another account. This cannot stop you from using your coolpad. You have to get into your phone without verification. 

Condition of the new user: 

Google verification is FRP. FRP means Factory Reset Protection. You might decide to reset your coolpad’s data. Then hand it over to someone else who is not interested in a google account. This would need bypassing google verification. 

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Steps to Bypass Google Lock

#1. Connect and sign in:

You will need an internet connection to get your phone running. This is important regardless of bypassing FPR. But if you will be bypassing FPR, Wifi is best. Wifi connections will make the internet external. Once you have completed the internet connection then you can proceed. 

After getting internet you need to

• Sign in

• Select google keyboard layout. This layout will provide mail options. 

• Click on the mail field provided. Input the @ sign in the type box. This will provide a chat box. This will help to further your action. 

#2. Navigate chat box:

Once you sight a chat box click on it. A page is expected to open. Look for the three-dot menu and click on it. It will create a drop-down where different directions would be. It is advisable that you wait for a minute. This is because there might be a popup. But on most occasions, there are no popups.

Click on the drop-down indicating “help & feedback”.  Then click on  “search result”. Then send the result from your keyboard.  The page is expected to display a drop-down. It will contain a guide on what to do. You can read the guide to confirm your action. 

#3. Select google app

Tap on a word from the guide that appears. It is supposed to change into blue text. After that click on web search at the top right corner. It should load a page with a chat box.  This is where you will take the next action. In the chat box, select google apps. This will run your searched word on the word. This will deliver results.

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#4. Access settings and reset:

Select the search bar at the right corner. Once it is displayed, search for settings. Once it comes up select “settings”. You will be redirected to the system settings of the device.

Click on the system settings of the device. Then select factory reset. This will create a prompt to reset the device. Click on it and reset data. 


Getting an active google account still remains the best way to access your coolpad. Its easier and ideal. But, if you have any of the reasons above or others, then go ahead with bypassing. It is important that you are also careful of the method you use. Most methods are illegal. They can cause unwanted trouble.

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