How To Charge Juul With an iPhone Charger

Juul is an electronic cigarette that is produced by an American electronic cigarette producing company, called Juul. Juul delivers nicotine to the lungs without the emission of smoke.

Juul is officially for adult smokers who want something different from local cigarettes. It is advanced and it does not emit unnecessary smoke.

Oil-filled cartridges are heated by JUUL devices to produce vapor. This vapor disperses into the atmosphere very quickly. Juul is compact enough to fit in a closed fist and has a contemporary technologically inspired look that is similar to a USB flash drive.

Juul comes in various flavors which appeal to both young and old. Juul, as an electronic gadget. It has to be recharged for it to keep on functioning. Juul is created with a USB port for charging.

Juuls have a larger nicotine level than other e-cigarette brands; the volume of their e-liquid contains 5% nicotine, which is nearly twice as much as other brands.

Charging Juul with an iPhone charger

To charge a Juul gadget, you can plug the USB into another USB charging port.  According to the Juul website, charging Juul with a laptop is very ideal. However, you can use other types of charging adapters.

To charge Juul with an iPhone charger, follow the following steps very carefully:

1. Cut the iPhone charger into two.

2. Do away with the phone charger pin, as you only need the USB part.

3. Open up the cut end of the cable.

4. You’ll see the red, green, white, and black wires. Do away with the green and white ones.

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5. Connect the black and white successfully to your Juul and plug in the USB port to your adapter.

The LED lights will pulse white as the JUUL Device charges. Once the indicator stops flashing and is solid green, then, you’ll know your Juul device is fully charged. Your JUUL Device will charge completely in about one hour.


Despite the complications with the Juul electronic gadget, modifications can still be made to charge the juul device. Follow the steps and get your Juul charged comfortably.

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