How To Cheat Google Reviews

Google review is an evaluation of the efficacy of your products and services in conjunction with your customer relations. People who have patronized you and tested your products and services would give reviews about your product or service.

The reviews would therefore be visible to the public, including potential buyers of your products and services.

Reviews go a long way in helping one to boost sales and increase your business reputation.

Before you proceed to get plenty of Google reviews, you have to understand these few things that are listed below. Getting google reviews isn’t a very demanding task as you would think.

Notwithstanding, you might need to take note of some things. These things will be listed below.

  •  Take time to study Google’s policies on businesses. This will prevent you from being suspected by Google software as a scammer. You will know what to do and what not to do.
  • Create your profile carefully and add all necessary information like your location. This will help you to be more trustworthy. People will begin to suspect you when your important details are hidden.
  • Get your business profile verified. When you’re verified, you tend to be more reliable than when you’re not verified.

How to get Google reviews

There are several ways to get Google reviews for your business. 

1. Encourage customers who have enjoyed your service or your product to leave a review and comment on your business profile.

2. Share your business profile link on your social media handles for your friends to give you reviews.

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3. Pay attention to unfavorable reviews and work on the observation instantly. This will make customers see the need to make a better review.

4. Give nice comments and replies to reviews and comments about your service. This will help to boost the impression current and potential customers have of your service.

Google reviews hack

The above listed are the primary ways to get Google reviews. However, some clever practices can help you to boost your review.

  •  Shorten your profile link: before customers would get to your profile, they would have to search for your profile name and go through some processes. But, you can shorten your profile link and send it to your customers. You can make use of
  • On your business webpage, leave a button that directs customers to your Google profile. This will bring to the remembrance of your customers that they need to get you some nice reviews.
  • As you encourage your customers to leave you a review on a profile, encourage them that it won’t take them much time to complete. Some might feel lazy to go through the process but sending them the short link you’ve generated will encourage them to attempt it.
  • Email campaigns: email campaigns go a long way in boosting the sales of a business. You can add a permanent message called signature to your email messages. Your email signatures will be added to each message you send through your email.
  • Google surveys: make use of Google surveys. Getting feedback from your customers is very important. Use Google surveys to get feedback from your customers and you can simply add your short review link to your survey.
  • Get some business partners to help you with reviews. Your copartners can simply get you reviews.
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Take note that you might need to hire the service of a copywriter for the aspects that need writing. This is expedient because copywriters understand how to write to sell better.


Getting relevant and important reviews on your Google profile is not too easy nor is it too difficult. You only need to understand some hacks that will boost your profile engagement. Remember not to go outside of Google’s policies because violating Google policies might cause more havoc than expected.

Read Google’s policies and follow the above points and enjoy your customers’ reviews on your products and services.

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