How To Delete iMessages on iPhone from Both Sides (2023)

Have you mistakenly sent a message to the wrong person on iMessage and you wish you never did? Well, the action has been done, but what next?

Deleting a message on your phone doesn’t get rid of it on both ends. It only makes it disappear from your end. Some app like WhatsApp helps you to completely delete a message from both sides.

This article aims to teach you how to delete your iMessage from your phone and also from the receiver of the text.

What Is iMessage?

In 2011, Apple introduced the iMessage on the IOS. The goal is to create another medium for sending a message from one Apple user to another.

The pride in using Apple products is the unique connection created among Apple users. SMS and MMS have been the major means of sending messages excluding social media.

The introduction of iMessage for iPhone users opened a new era of phone messaging. iMessage helps iPhone users to send a text to other iPhone users without any cost. All you need is an internet connection.

It’s different from the regular SMS in several ways. And many believe that iMessage is way better than regular text. Let’s check out some of the importance of iMessage.

 Four (4) Importance Of  iMessage

1. Delivery Notification: One of the most important things about messaging is the assurance that the receiver got the message. The regular message Is sent only with the hope that the receiver is with the phone to read it.

iMessagereveals when the message is delivered to the recipient just like WhatsApp. It’s more reliable and efficient.

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2. Security:  Some people have a disgusting culture of going through others’ messages when they have access to their phones. It can very annoying to realize that someone just went through your chat history without your permission.

The iMessage app cannot be opened by anyone or else you give out your passcode. In addition, the message is end-to-end encryption. This means your message can only be visible to the receiver. No third party has access to the message, including Apple.

3. Group Messaging: Chatting with a few people is very easy with iMessage. It’s more or less like creating a group chat with your friends or family. SMS cannot provide such benefits.

4. The Size and Quality of the message: A regular SMS has a limited number of texts that can be sent per time. IMessage has no limit. You can type has many words that need to be sent. In addition, the message can be decorated with emojis and other stickers.

The importance of iMessage is numerous. However, the only disadvantage is that you can’t reach your android friends through the iMessage. Only IOS users can be on your chat list.

How To Delete iMessage from Both Sides.

Can I deleteaniMessage from both sides? Yes! But the only way to do that is to have access to the second-party phone. Sadly, unlike WhatsApp where you can delete a message you sent to a person from your end. That’s impossible to be done with iMessage.

The only way to do that is to have access to the person’s phone and delete it directly. How do you do that?

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• Open the iMessage app

• Hold long on the message to highlight it.

• Tap on ‘’More’’ out of the icons displayed.

• Tap ‘’Delete’’.

After these, you would have gotten rid of the message(s) on your phone. You can repeat the same action on the other end to delete it from both ends.

Maybe one of the improvements IOS would include in the iMessage is the ability to be able to delete a message for both ends from one end.


As an iPhone user that loves using the iMessage, you should be careful of the message you send in a rush. For now, it’s impossible to delete the iMessage sent to someone who is not nearby. Even when the person is near, the person might not permit you to have access to his/her phone.


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