How To Wake Someone Through iPhone

One of the reasons why many runs after Apple products are because of the unending features. Each version of the phone has something spectacular attached to it.

Many iPhone users can barely know 50% of the functions of the phone. They often use iPhone like a regular android product.

If you take your time to read and explore the abilities of the phone, you would be surprised when you realize the listless functions that are buried in the device.

For example, you can be in your house and wake a friend up for an appointment from your home. This is not about calling his line, it’s ways above that.

IOS has made it possible for other devices to blow an alarm from wherever they are on your own. Do you have a friend who comes late for an appointment and always complains of waking late? It may be because the phone is on silent, or they easily don’t hear the alarm when it blares.

Well, you might not have been able to help him/her, but after reading this article you would realize how to wake a friend with your iPhone.

3 Ways to Wake Someone Through iPhone

#1 Set Number asEmergency Contact

You might not be able to influence the phone of another person when they are far away from you. Waking your friend that sleeps like a ghost might need both of you to plan for such circumstances.

Set your number as an emergency contact on the phone. Even if the phone is on “do not disturb”, when you call the line, the phone would ring. Conventionally, “do not disturb” is not supposed to ring, but if your number is added to the emergency list, you can wave the law.

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To activate it, follow these procedures.

1. Open the settings app

2. Click on “Focus”. It has the icon of a moon.

3. Select “Do not disturb”

4. Select “people” under the allowed notification tab

5. Click on add people. Select your number and you would be on even when the phone is on silent

#2.Wake MeApp

The Wake MeApp is designed to make people customize a sound and send a surprise message to another person. You can record an alarm tone and send it to a stranger. Imagine you are sleeping and you hear a noise coming out from your phone in your room. It would alert you and want you to have a look at what is happening.

It’s also very fun to use. It could spark fear in the mind of the person until he gets to the phone. Imagine screaming for help and sending it to your friend. They would definitely reach for the phone to know what is going on.

#3. Send An Alarm to A Recipient

Wondering the possibility of sending an alarm to an iPhone user may look weird. Of course, no one can determine when to wake you from another phone. Especially when it’s used as a trick.

However, it can also be useful to alert you on cogent matters that might be crucial at the time. A way to make that happen is by using the built-in reminder app on your iPhone.

The purpose of the app is to help you get into someone’s phone and alert them about something or wake them up.

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To do that,

• Open the Reminder app on your iPhone.

• Click the + icon at the top left corner of the page.

• Create a new reminder by tapping the “Create new reminder” icon on the screen.

• You would see the “Title” field. Type the name of the person you want to reach.

After that, you can customize whatever you want to do on the app and set the time.


People’s personalities can help you determine the best method to wake them up. Some people can be alerted from their sleep with just a notification sound on their phone. But waking a heavy sleeper might take an extra measure. Those measures include planning and increasing the ringer volume.




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