iPhone 13 Pro Max: Review And Price In Nigeria

Anyone who owns the iPhone 13 pro max will tell you three things. One, the battery life is fantastic; two, the cameras are great; and three, the phone is heavy. In this article, I will share what it feels like to have the iPhone 13 pro max.

The iPhone 13 pro max is among the best and most expensive phones. In Nigeria, you have to buy it at retail price, and since Apple doesn’t include a charger and screen protector, you even have to spend more.


It has a ceramic shield glass tag at the front. Apple claims that the front camera is tougher than any other smartphone, which is true because ceramics glass is made by Canan, the same company that makes gorilla glass.

Your Android smartphone with corning gorilla glass isn’t as strong as the iPhone 13 pro max. The glasses might be strong, but they scratch easily, so if you plan to get this phone or any other apple product, get a screen protector.

The iPhone 13 pro max sides are made from stainless steel, and the red is made from glass. It is important to note that the glass at the rear isn’t as strong as the front. So, that’s another reason why you must use a case for the weight.

The iPhone 13 pro max is heavy, and it is the heaviest iPhone apple ever made. It weighs 249 grams.

The edges are flat, but sometimes they are sharp, and it can get uncomfortable, but with the right case, that is not a problem.

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Currently, the most affordable iPhone 13 pro max for 6GB+128GB ranges from 750,000 NGN to 800,000 NGN at Konga.

The IP Rating

The iPhone 13 pro max is an ip68 dust and water-resistant smartphone. Its resistance is up to 6 meters in 30 minutes.  You can keep this smartphone in the water, but please don’t go swimming with it.

External features

The iPhone 13 pro max has a silent ring switch, a quick way to turn off sound and notifications. The volume button and sim card tray are on the right side. It is also where the 5g antenna is located. It has two microphones, a lightning connector port, and a speaker on the bottom.

This smartphone has two speakers, the other is located at the slits, and the sound quality is really good. It has the best speakers on any smartphone except for that Chinese smartphone.

At the rear, it has three cameras, a lighter scanner, and a led flashlight. At the front, inside the reduced notch, the second speaker, a mic, a 12-megapixel selfie camera, and a bundle of other sensors reside there.

The face unlock feature has been accurate and fast, but it doesn’t works when the smartphone is sideways. On the other hand, it works on Android phones.

The display

The iPhone 13 pro max has a 6.7-inch super retina xtr display with promotion. It’s an OLED panel with a variable refresh rate.

It can go as low as 10 heads and to 120 heads, and that’s why the battery life on the iPhone 13 pro max is good. The display has a resolution of 1284 by 2887 pixels and is one of the best. The colors are accurate.

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It supports hdr content. Using it to consume media is very good.


The a15 bionic chip, a five-nanometer processor, breathes through anything you throw at it. The video editing, playing graphics-intensive games and taking awesome videos and pictures, all are in check.

True multitasking is something that exists on iPhones. The iPhone 13 pro max comes with 6 gigabytes of ram, and it can remember all the apps you ever opened, but you can’t split screen with it.


People are eager to get an answer to the question, “Can you buy the iPhone 13 pro max?”

My answer is Yes! Although iPhone 14 is out, but that doesn’t reduce the value of the iPhone 13 Pro max. However, if you want to explore more, you can switch to the latest Apple product. You won’t regret using it. 

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