What Job Can I Get With A Domestic Violence Charge

What Job Can I Get With A Domestic Violence Charge: Best Paying Jobs

If you have concerns about the consequences of a domestic violence conviction, you may also be worried about the impact it could have on your job prospects. Many individuals wonder if Is it possible to get a job with a domestic violence conviction?

This is a valid concern, as having a domestic battery or aggravated domestic battery conviction on your criminal record can be challenging to navigate.

Can I get a job with domestic violence charge?

It’s important to note that it is possible to get a job with a domestic violence conviction on your record. However, it’s best to avoid a conviction altogether if possible. It’s important to keep in mind that each employer has their hiring policies, and in some cases, having a domestic violence conviction could prevent you from being hired. 

For instance, certain professions such as healthcare and childcare, as well as law enforcement and military positions, may have strict policies that prohibit hiring individuals with domestic violence convictions.

On the other hand, some employers may be willing to hire individuals with domestic violence convictions. 

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remember that domestic violence can be classified as either a misdemeanor or a felony, and the type of conviction you have could impact your employability.

 Jobs you can get with a domestic violence charge

 1. Shipping

Are you a licensed driver? If so, a delivery job might be an excellent fit for you.

People with criminal histories are frequently hired for delivery jobs and gigs. Depending on the company, they will accept records of varying severity.

 2. Meal delivery

The food service sector offers a wide range of job opportunities. For individuals who have a DUI or lack a driver’s license, it’s a fantastic alternative (or their vehicle).

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3. Tech

The demand for competent personnel in the technology sector is very high. Many businesses will view you as a valuable asset if you can develop in-demand talents like programming, web design, development, and more.

 4. Construction

A profession in construction can be a better choice if you don’t plan on gaining technical skills or spending all day in front of a computer.

 5. Administrative tasks

For many people with a criminal past, working as an administrative assistant in an office or online might be a realistic alternative.

 6. Working for oneself or doing something  from home

Would you prefer to have career control? You are exempt from having to clear a criminal background check if you work for yourself. Finding clients will take more effort on your part, but since you’re a freelancer rather than an employee, your criminal record shouldn’t be an issue.

Can you expunge a domestic violence conviction? 

It is not possible to expunge or seal a domestic violence conviction, which means that the conviction will remain on your criminal record permanently. 

A conviction for domestic violence can also prevent you from being eligible for certain types of employment in the future. Numerous occupations necessitate that workers meet high standards of responsibility and demonstrate sound moral and ethical judgment. 

Any divergence from these principles can render you a potential hazard and risk. For instance, if you are employed in education, it is expected that you set a good example for your students. 

Similarly, if you work in social services, you will need to be viewed as a reliable figure; however, a domestic violence conviction on your criminal record will hinder your ability to do so. 

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In reality, some of the individuals you might be working with could include victims of domestic violence.

You may also be unable to work in the healthcare sector, as healthcare workers are expected to always prioritize the well-being of their patients.

Even in service industries, employers need to be confident that you will treat individuals with respect and kindness. A domestic violence conviction can undermine these expectations, as it might suggest that you have a history of violence or unethical conduct.

No matter what profession you aspire to pursue, a domestic violence conviction is the biggest hindrance to your candidacy. This is why it is of utmost importance to seek legal counsel if you have been falsely accused, as the implications could continue to affect you for the rest of your life.


In certain professions, having a domestic violence charge or conviction can significantly reduce your chances of securing or maintaining employment in positions such as teaching, law enforcement, government work, jobs that involve working with vulnerable populations, and healthcare careers. 

Since a domestic violence conviction remains on your record indefinitely, it may be worthwhile to explore the possibility of having your record expunged. 

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