Omron Blood Pressure Machine

Omron Blood Pressure Machine | Buy Now At Best Prices in Nigeria

Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood, and it is important to check one’s blood pressure at intervals. Research has proven that ailments resulting from blood pressure defects are silent killers. 

When checking blood pressure, it is vital to use exceptional products that are reliable, effective, and strong. The Omron blood pressure machine is a product of Omron, a prominent Japanese healthcare brand. This blood pressure machine is one of their most popular products. 

These blood pressure machines are also designed for home use and are simple, accurate, effective, and reliable. They come in automatic and manual models and offer various features to help users monitor their blood pressure conveniently.

In this regard, we will give you a knowledgeable and excellent expository on all you need to know about the Omron blood pressure machine and how to buy it now at the best prices in Nigeria. Let’s get right into it!

About Omron Blood Pressure Machine in Nigeria

As a result of prominent ailments as a result of blood pressure issues, the Japanese Omron healthcare brand has continued to create solutions to problems with their Omron blood pressure machine. 

The Omron blood pressure machine, also known as a sphygmomanometer, measures blood pressure against the arteries’ walls. This device is not just reliable; it is effective and comes in easy-to-use products that can be used at home and anywhere. 

Regarding how this product works, it is programmed to detect the vibrations in the arterial walls caused by the blood flow and converts them into a digital reading. 

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In addition to its exceptional features, the product is built to last. It is durable, made to last, with high-quality components and sturdy construction. 

Monitoring blood pressure should be taken seriously, as several health issues are often linked to blood pressure defects. Regular checkups are vital to ensure one’s blood pressure is checked. 

Omron Blood Pressure Machines In Nigeria

There are several types and specifications of the Omron Blood pressure machine in Nigeria, which come in varying prices. These blood pressure machines offer various features and specifications to suit different needs. 

For this cause, we will be exploring some most popular Omron blood pressure machines available in Nigeria:

Omron M2 Basic

This is one of the exceptional Omron blood pressure machine types. It comes as a simple model and gives effective and accurate readings. 

The Omron M2 basic can store up to 30 readings. It is designed for individuals who want a simple and reliable blood pressure machine. It is easy to operate with a single-button operation, making it suitable for seniors and individuals with limited dexterity. 

In addition, this device has a hypertension indicator, which alerts users if their blood pressure is higher than the recommended level. It also has a body movement sensor that detects if the user is moving during measurement, which can alter the accuracy of the reading.

Omron M3 Comfort

Omron M3 Comfort comes with features that supersede the Omron M2 Basic. This specification has a pre-formed cuff designed to fit most arm sizes comfortably. It has a pre-formed cuff designed to fit most arm sizes comfortably, making it more comfortable to use than the standard cuff on the M2 Basic. 

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It also has a more significant memory, allowing users to store up to 60 readings and a backlight display for easy tasks in low-light conditions. 

Like the M2 Comfort, the M3 Comfort has an irregular heartbeat detector that alerts users if their heartbeat is irregular and a hypertension indicator that alerts users if their blood pressure is higher than the recommended level.

Omron M6 Comfort

Next in line after the M3 Comfort is the Omron M6 Comfort. This specification is more advanced, with additional features such as an irregular heartbeat detector and a hypertension indicator. M6 Comfort is an Omron blood pressure machine in Nigeria that boasts a dual-user mode and allows two users to store their readings separately.

Omron M7 Intelli IT

Another Omron blood pressure machine in Nigeria is the Omron M7 Intelli IT. It is currently Omron’s most advanced blood pressure machine in Nigeria. 

This specification has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to sync their readings with a smartphone app for tracking and analysis. It also features a multi-user mode, allowing up to four users to store their readings separately.

The Omron M7 Intelli IT is an excellent option for individuals seeking better and more reliable technology. This one boasts Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to sync your reading information with your phone and enable record-keeping and analysis.

Price of Omron Blood Pressure Machine in Nigeria

The price of Omron Blood Pressure Machine in Nigeria varies in terms of specification and seller. However, this product is available in both physical and online stores. 

On Jumia, a reliable online buying and selling platform, the Omron basic M2 is between 25,000 to 35,000 naira. The Omron M6 comfort is around 65,000 to 75,000 naira. Omron M7 Intelli is about 70,000 to 85,000 naira. 

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Generally, the Omron blood pressure machine is exceptional and an excellent option many Nigerians use. The simple use feature and several features make it easy to use by anyone.  

Beyond prices and review of the Omron blood pressure machines in Nigeria, we hope this article is helpful and aids your quest. Buy an Omron blood pressure machine in Nigeria today by using our guide. Cheers to a better health consciousness!


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