Power Oil Prices in Nigeria

Power Oil: Review and Prices in Nigeria

Unbranded oil has been a maniac in the Nigerian food market. They are essential to many people and maybe pocket friendly. 

However, some of them can be potentially damaging to one’s health and those damages may seem cheap. That is why we need to introduce bottled oil, like Power Oil.

In this article, I will be sharing with you some disadvantages of consuming some unbranded oil and when you need to embrace branded oil, especially Power oil.

Aside from that, the unbranded oil tries as much as possible to avoid NAFDAC registration.

Those things that are cheap don’t just come cheap, it is because some people have omitted some protocols or procedures.

Such products are not given scientific verifications so these products contain impurities that won’t settle before they are sold in the market.

When it is used to cook, it will however cause some effects on the body. Beyond that, its cholesterol level is something dangerous.

Normally, the body manufactures cholesterol, which it uses in the cell membrane but high cholesterol is a problem that could cause cardiovascular diseases. The cholesterol in the body does move alone, it attaches itself to proteins.

So, most of this unbranded vegetable oil tends to have a high level of cholesterol which could be a result of chemicals, preservatives, and even the poverty level of the country.

People thought it was smart in their level of expenditure meanwhile it is of high risks and danger to the body system.

The side effects of these unbranded oils could result in stroke, hypertension, kidney failure, heart failure, and so on.

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Branded oil should not contain high trans fat and saturated fat in them.

Power Oil Price 

The power oil food company produced vegetable oil in different sizes to consider the pockets of every consumer.

The branded oil is pocket friendly. It has the 70ML sachet, the jumbo pack, the 120 ML sachet, the 75 liters bottled, the 1.4 liters, and the 2.6 liters which is the biggest of all.

Each size comes with a price tag price, which means that the price of Power oil in Nigeria varies with the size of the bottle/sachet and also location.

Based on wholesale price, a 75 liters bottle of Power Oil can cost between ₦500 to ₦600 in some supermarkets and retail stores across the country.

In addition, It’s important to note that the price may have changed since then due to various economic factors.

Oil prices in Nigeria are influenced by various factors such as global supply and demand, geopolitical tensions, and economic fast-food production levels.

In general, changes in oil prices can have significant impacts on the Nigerian economy, and in particular, the price of power oil (also known as vegetable oil). Which is a key ingredient in local cuisines and a basic household item in Nigeria. 

Fluctuations in oil prices can affect the cost of producing, transporting, and marketing power oil, which can then lead to changes in the retail price of the product.

Power Oil has also been involved in various corporate social responsibility initiatives aimed at promoting healthy living and supporting communities in Nigeria.

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Why Is Power Oil Good?

Power Oil is known for its low cholesterol content and high level of essential fatty acids, which make it a healthy cooking oil option.

It is made from a blend of palm oil and soybean oil and is fortified with vitamins A and E.

Power oil is your number one most trusted branded oil. It has very low saturated fat and oil fats. It is highly safe for use and it provides enough nutrients to the body. 

Power Oil is a popular brand of vegetable oil in Nigeria. It is produced and sold by a food processing company, the Raffles Oil LFTZ Enterprise.

This food processing company is situated in Nigeria. It is widely known for its vast knowledge of the production and marketing of vegetable oil and other food products.

This food brand has successfully made a name for itself and has gained a wide rate of popularity.

Also, wide acceptability among Nigerian households, businesses like fast-food restaurants, parties, and many other food-related businesses.

Aside, from the production of vegetable oil, the company has also produced other food products like tomato paste, noodles, seasoning cubes, and so on.


Considering the price before buying something healthy may not be necessary. Locally made oil can be instrumental to different health complications. Power oil will save you the hospital cost for treatment when you consider it in your home.

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