Ps5 Pads Review and Price in Nigeria

Ps5 Pads Review and Price in Nigeria

We all know that the PS5 is currently one of the best gaming consoles that deliver impeccable graphics and gameplay experiences, the PS5 gamepads are no exception too.

In Nigeria, most households own one, and this is because they provide gamers with a more comfortable gaming experience with realistic graphics. This gaming pad allows you to enjoy controlling your game while playing.

There are different pads in the Nigerian market and we know that the PS5 console can support up to four gamepads at once. The Sony PS5 pads offer exciting potential for new and interesting gameplay experiences.

After spending time online, we found out that people complain about its battery life which remains the only weak point.

For some exciting reasons, most people prefer the Sony DualSense wireless controller because of its built-in microphone, haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers.

While watching some unboxing videos on YouTube, we found out that the Sony PlayStation 5 comes with a gamepad (controller).

So in this article, we are going to review the price of the Sony DualSense wireless PS5 pads and their price, and we will also discuss the importance of buying PS5 gamepads.

Top-selling Sony PS5 Controller And Accessories

  • Playstation DualSense Wireless Controller – N55,000
  • DualSense Charging Station – N11,000
  • Ps5 Back Button Attachment – N9,000+

DualSense Wireless Controller

The DualSense wireless controller has a very sleek design, that makes it fit comfortably in your hands. The buttons are highly responsive and this gamepad makes you enjoy your gameplay.

After scanning through the market, we found out that this controller comes in two colors. You can either get a black or white gamepad and if you visit some online gaming store you could get a customized gaming pad or purchase some colorful skins for your controller.

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Do not forget that the DualSense Controller is the primary follow-come pad for the PS5 gaming console with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. You can purchase directly from their official website or any online stores like Jumia and Co.

PRICE: N55,000+

DualSense Charging Station

Most Nigerians do not know how important it is to own a DualSense Charging station. This tool can help you charge both follow-come gamepads at the same time. This way, you can save time unlike when you make use of the cables where you have to take turns when charging the gamepads.

Normally, you can charge the controllers with the normal USB-C cable. But this can only help you charge one DualSpace Wireless Controller at a time but with the charging station, all you need to do is to place the gaming pads into the charging stations and watch it works.

PRICE: N11,000

Back Button Attachment

The Back Button Attachment got our attention after reading some of its features online. You need to know that this tool can allow you to customize your gaming experience to your taste.

It is very easy to install and fits perfectly with the DualSense Wireless controller. The Button attachment just provides two programmable back buttons that will help improve your gameplay.

PRICE: N9,000

Why You Should Consider Buying Sony PS5 Controller Pads

  1. Supports Multiplayer: Most gamers prefer playing games with friends or siblings. So if you fall under this category of people, you should be happy because the Sony PS5 pads support multiplayer.
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Games like Mortal Kombat 3 and PES 2023 can be played with people around you because one of the great features of the PS5 console is that it can allow you to connect up to four players which means you can try playing popular racing games with friends.

  1. Compatibility: The Ps5 controller pads have high compatibility, which means the follow-come pads for the PS5 console can also work with the PS4 console. These gamepads ensure that every user enjoys their gameplay.
  2. Additional Accessories: The DualSense Charging Station and Back Button Attachment are additional accessories that you can purchase just to improve your gaming experience.

Looking at the function of both tools, it will be easier for a user to charge their controllers and customize options on the gamepads.


The Sony PS5 controller pads are an important accessory for any PS5 console owner. We love the graphics on this console because it looks real especially when you are playing Pro Evolution Soccer games.

Also don’t forget that if you plan to buy a PS5 gaming pad, you need to budget at least N50,000+.


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