How To Start A Car With A Screwdriver

How To Start A Car With A Screwdriver (3 Basic Techniques For Beginners)

Calling an expert might be the right option when dealing with a lost car key or an ignition switch issue. But, sometimes, all you need is an alternative way to start your car with any of the tools you have around.

We consider you lucky to have your screwdriver or hammer around because that is the right tool to do this job. Before diving deep, you should know that the idea behind this post is strictly for educational purposes.

You do not want to be arrested for stealing a car, and kindly do not use any methods in this post without the owner’s permission.

If there is anything learned during our research is that the easiest way to start a car with a screwdriver is to insert the flattened part of the screw into the ignition switch and try starting the engine.

This method might only work in some cases, but you have nothing to worry about because we will discuss alternative ways to help you start your car with a screwdriver.

A screwdriver is one of many tools needed when starting your car without the keys; you would also need a hammer and safety gloves. Make sure you follow everything we discuss here step by step.

Be careful when trying these methods. Ensure you are ready to take risks because any mistake can damage the car’s interior or even cause permanent damage to the ignition key switch.

How To Start A Car Using the Screwdriver

This first method works for people with luck. There is no pain in trying, and you might also get lucky.

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Number one on our list is starting the car with your screwdriver only. All you have to do is pick up your screwdriver and then slowly insert it into the ignition switch.

Do not just put in the screwdriver; try tweaking it either left or right, and at the same time, try starting the engine. Remember you are using the flattened part of the screwdriver because it makes it look like a key and is easy to insert.

If this method does not work for you, proceed to the next on our list.

How To Start A Car Using Both Screwdriver and Hammer

If you are not a risk taker, you should call an expert immediately because this second method requires time and effort.

The results of this method depend solely on the car model. The main aim of this method is to locate the pins at the ignition lock cylinder and breakthrough using the screwdriver and hammer.

We’ve seen this particular method work for people. If you are ready, let’s get started with the steps.

Like the first method, you insert the flattened part of the screwdriver into the ignition start (keyhole). Also, remember to wear your safety gloves, although it is unnecessary.

You do not want to put your car in a lock, so you should disconnect the battery. Please keep reading; you might get a shock if you start hammering without disconnecting the battery.

Now, begin to hit the hammer on the bottom of the screwdriver. Remember, we want the hammer to break the ignition lock cylinder deep. Be careful when hammering; you do not want to damage the ignition keyhole.

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Once you’ve confirmed that the screwdriver is deep inside the ignition cylinder, you can reconnect the battery and try starting the car with the screwdriver. After a few taps, it should work.

Note: This method will work for you using an old model. But if your car is an advanced version with a programmed switch. Then you should contact an expert in the field.

How To Start A Car Using the Wires Connected to the Ignition System

This method is seen in movies where the protagonist breaks out of jail, looks for a random car in a park, and starts the car without the keys.

Well, you can also use this method in real life. Before proceeding with these steps, you should read the car’s manual because that will help you identify the wire connected to the ignition and the battery.

Once you get a hold of these wires, strip off part of the wires and twist these two ends together using your hands. Immediately the wires touch themselves, the lights and radio will start working.

Finally, you must find the wire connecting to the motor starter. Strip some of its parts and connect it to the two wires you twisted together earlier. You do not have to turn it with the wire; allow it to touch this will start your engine.


These methods are reliable for starting your car with a screwdriver. You can proceed with the alternative if the first two methods don’t work.

If the alternative works for you, remember to tape the exposed wires as it is connected to the battery, i.e., if it comes in contact with metal, it can cause a fire.

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