Tanimu Akawu Biography

Tanimu Akawu Biography, Age, Career, Family And Net Worth

In this blog post, we will look at Tanimu Akawu’s biography and his journey to becoming one of the most respected musicians in Nigeria.

We will explore his acting influences, rise to fame, and impact on the Huasa acting scene. So, let’s get into the fascinating life story of Tanimu Akawu.

Early Background Life of Tanimu Akawu

Born on July 4, 1974, in Jos, Nigeria, Tanimu Akawu, nicknamed Muhammad Tanimu, is a famous actor known for appearing in numerous Kannywood films.

Raised in Jos, his grandparents bestowed upon him the nickname Akawu, which has become widely recognized. In his diverse filmography, including titles such as “Abbana,” “Ban Shirya Ba,” “Jarumin Maza,” and “Zeenat,” Akawu has portrayed various characters. However, he clarifies that his on-screen roles should not be mistaken for his real-life personality, emphasizing the distinction between acting and reality.

Despite being perceived by some as a villainous character due to his convincing performances, Akawu reminds people that films merely portray fictional stories. With his presence in the Kannywood industry, Tanimu Akawu continues to captivate audiences and showcase his acting talent.

Career of Tanimu Akawu

Tanimu Akawu, also known as Alhaji-Alhaji, is a talented actor from Jos, Plateau state, who gained fame by portraying villainous roles in numerous movies. Tanimu Akawu is a multi-talented Nigerian star actor making waves in the entertainment industry.

In a recent interview, Tanimu Akawu clarified that his portrayal of villains is merely a professional choice and not a reflection of his true character. However, people are curious whether his on-screen persona reflects his real-life personality.

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Net Worth of Tanimu Akawu

Tanimu Akawu is a highly successful Nigerian film and television producer with an estimated net worth of around $800. 000.


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