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Top Brands of Industrial Sewing Machines in Nigeria & Their Prices

Sometimes finding the right machine at the right price in Nigeria could be a great challenge.

In this article we’ve got you covered if you are looking to buy an industrial sewing machine, we will talk about the three popular brands of industrial sewing machines and also provide prices for 10 different machines. So that you can know the right one to buy when making a purchase.

As we all know that if you are interested in starting or expanding your shop or business in the fashion industry, having an industrial sewing machine is needed.

This is because not all sewing machines have been designed to handle heavy fabrics and produce some high quality stitches at a faster rate, So buying an industrial designed sewing machine can help increase your production rate.

11 Industrial Sewing Machines And Their Prices

Industrial sewing machines have been a regular demand in the Nigerian market. They have made sewing generally easier, faster and even less stressful.

The success of the creation of industrial sewing machines has attracted a lot of other sewing machine manufacturers. After doing thorough research we found out that Nigeria has one of the largest markets for sewing machines.

It is advisable that when purchasing an industrial machine, the best way to enjoy it is to go for a brand new one. This helps in the long run, it gives peace of mind and establishes ease in its operation.

Let’s take a look at the prepared price list of the top selling brand new sewing machines in Nigeria.

  1. Two lion industrial shirt buttonholing machine model TL781 — ₦780, 000
  2. Two lion industrial button attaching machine model TL373 — ₦360, 000
  3. Two lion industrial cover stitch/taping machine modelTL500-2 — ₦300,000
  4. Hudong industrial walking foot sewing machine model HD0303 — ₦250, 000
  5. Protex TY3300 heavy-duty leather sewing machine — ₦250, 000
  6. Emel industrial overlocking machine model EM 737 /747 /757 — ₦230, 000
  7. Two lion industrial overlocking machine model TL 737 /747/757– ₦215, 000
  8. Hudong industrial overlocking machine Model HD 737/747/757 — ₦200, 000
  9. Two lion Direct Drive industrial straight sewing model TL 9901D — ₦190, 000
  10. Two lion industrial straight sewing machine model TL8500/8700 — ₦180, 000
  11. Hudong industrial straight sewing machine model HD 8500/8700 — ₦168, 000
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You need to remember that the prices here can change anytime depending on the dollar to naira rate, this is to tell you that the prices here are just estimates. But when there is a change we will edit this post so that you can know.

prices of  Tocumbo industrial sewing machines in the Nigeria Market

If you can’t afford to buy the brand-new unit, you can check out your area if some fashion designers are interested in selling their own. You should know that when buying a used industrial sewing machine, the conditions play a huge part in the variation of the prices.

Here are the prices of used industrial sewing machines in the Nigeria market;

  1. Emel Industrial Straight Sewing Machine — ₦80,000+
  2. Two lion Industrial Straight Sewing Machine — ₦85,000+
  3. Brother Industrial Straight Sewing (Used) — ₦90,000+
  4. Hudong Industrial Straight Sewing Machine — ₦90,000+
  5. Sumo Premium Industrial Straight Machine — ₦100,000+
  6. Two lion Direct Drive Industrial Sewing Machine — ₦120,000+

 Popular Industrial Sewing Machine Brands

When buying Industrial sewing machines, you should begin with a popular brand you fancy and also have people around you that are familiar with the brand.

Although there are hundreds of brands in the sewing machines industry, some are noted for their top quality, top-class machines while others received bad reviews from users.

If you go around fashion designers’ shops in Nigeria, you should find them using at least one of the popular brands we listed in this article.

Here are three popular brands popular in the Nigeria market currently;

  1. Emel Group
  2. Butterfly
  3. Sumo
  4. Hudong
  5. Two Lion
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You should know that there are some huge factors to consider when buying Industrial sewing machines. As a customer online you need to be very careful when buying used or original products, especially if it involves commercial use.

So if you are new in the market, you need to consider factors including brand name, check if it is cheap to maintain, read more about its features and why people choose it over other brands.


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