Turkish Doors

Turkish Doors: Review and Prices in Nigeria

Turkey doors are getting more attention in the Nigerian market due to their durability and ability to provide reliable security. We all know that when choosing the right door, it is advisable to invest more in reliable products.

While exploring the Nigerian market, we found out that most banks, shops, and other companies use the Turkey Door. After looking at some designs online, you need not argue that the manufacturers took their time in the creation of these doors.

In terms of good quality, designs, features, and strengths. Turkish doors still dominate. Whatever hype this product has received is probably true.

The fact that they came into the Nigerian market with unique exterior designs, standard classy designs, and durability We knew they were going to dominate the market.

Materials used in the production of these doors already enhanced their strength and toughness, making them a great choice for churches and companies in Nigeria.

These doors are available in different sizes, grades, and classes. Although they vary in terms of materials and strength, you’d still get better quality for a cheap price.

If you spend more time online exploring the available Turkish doors in the market, you will see why they are regarded as one of the best in Nigeria at the moment.

Do you also know that Turkish doors can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets? Their prices depend heavily on their designs, features, and strengths.

So if you are wondering how much Turkish doors really cost in the current Nigerian market, then you should continue reading till the end of this article.

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Turkey Door Prices in Nigeria

The fact that the brand still remains one of the most-bought door brands in Nigeria proves its quality and overall efficiency. Turkish doors are available in different sizes and types and also vary in price.

After exploring the market, we discovered that the price depends on the quality of the materials. Turkey doors with lovely designs and the ones built with steel are always more expensive than the ones with regular designs built with other low-quality materials.

Most Turkish doors can be purchased directly from their manufacturer or from online and offline distributors across the globe. You can also walk into convenience stores around you.

Here are some of the popular Turkish doors available in the Nigerian market:

Turkish Security Door (5 feet): N650,000

Turkish Security Core for Entrance (4 feet): N320,000

Turkish Security Core for Entrance (3 feet): – N250,000

Turkish Special Door (4 feet): – N300,000

Turkish Special Door (3 feet): – N250,000

Turkish Luxury Door (4 feet): – N380,000

Turkish Luxury Door (3 feet): – N270,000

Turkish Pompom Door (3 feet): – N125,000

Turkish Pompom Door (4 feet): – N190,000

Turkish Walnut Door (3 feet): – N150,000

Turkish Walnut Door (4 feet) – N185,000

Turkish Armored Door (3 feet) – N450,000

Turkish Armored Door (4 feet) – N650,000

You need to be careful when purchasing Turkish doors online because there are lots of fake products on the market.

Do not forget that these prices are just estimates and can change over time. The prices of these doors depend on the size listed above. Judging from the list above, you see that the 3 foot doors are cheaper than the 4 foot doors.

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Things to Consider When Buying Turkish Doors

There are a lot of things you should consider when buying Turkish doors online.

You can check out Frame Size because this will help you find out the feet or thickness of the walls where you want to place the door.

Looking at the listed price, it is advisable that you know the width of the door entrance where you plan to install the door before buying any Turkish door. It could be 3 feet or 5 feet.

Wrong positioning can really affect you when buying a door online, so it is important that every buyer knows the opening direction because you wouldn’t like to buy a door that is wrongly positioned.


Turkey doors are always expensive. If you can spend on them, you’ll have guaranteed security and value for your money. Unlike other doors, Turkish doors are generally easy to clean and maintain.

If you are classy when picking designs for your doors, then you should check out Turkey Doors because they are currently at the top of the list when it comes to styles and elegance.

Do not worry about the prices; as soon as there is a change in market price, We will update this post with the correct prices.

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